The Hope of the Fallen

An intimate and melancholic, yet inspirational and breathtaking epic orchestral track. Begins quietly, with a lonely piano playing sparse notes accompanied by the symphonic orchestra, filling the lines with slow and sweeping chords. The theme then develops to a rhythmic suite with staccato strings, mellow choir and thundering drums, moving towards the inevitable end. The whole track is then built up to a huge climax, with a soprano voice and French horns taking the lead with the piano playing the melody, coming to a definite ending, where all that can be said has been said. The track has a distinct Hollywood blockbuster sound to it while maintaining intimacy and a romantic nuance to its melodies.

Production Genre
Duration 02:34
BPM 120
Janne Seppänen - TEOSTO 
PRO/Non-PRO Music ? PRO

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