Carolina Apple Pickin


Americana track with Dobro slide guitar. Great for traveling, nature and documentary outside scenes.

Production Genre , ,
Genre , ,
Mood , ,
Instruments , ,
Duration 01:22
BPM 108
Artist John Emil
John Montagnino
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70 01:37

Dark cold minor blues. Combination of slide guitar on the Dobro with picked chords on the acoustic guitar. Very sad atmospheric feel.

120 02:33

An inspiring and motivating background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational speech using electric guitar, vibraphone, xylophone, piano, epic drums and hand claps.

110 02:24

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. the music is leaded by a piano, playing the main notes with an easy steady rhythm, and later gains energy with the incorporation of the rest of orchestral instruments. The style is very near to soundtrack classical music, and the mood is positive and optimistic, with a sentimental feeling. this music fits perfect on descriptive nature scenes in documentaries and reports. Also very good for a film soundtrack.

165 02:20

Relaxing ambient strings start this track with a funky bass line, rolling breakbeats and pleasant guitar tune which then gets a little darker with minor piano chords but later returns to pleasant warm string pads.

100 05:07

Smooth Jazz piece. Very mellow, using acoustic instruments. Very romantic and descriptive, has a brief time for little improvisations. Composed for pianos electric and acoustic, saxophones and contrabass. Very nice and friendly. Good for advertising, Films and Corporate. Documentaries or TV Shows or Series.