Carmens Smile


Nice finger picked acoustic guitar with piano melody and bass guitar. Great for commercial and ad scenes.

Production Genre ,
Genre ,
Mood , ,
Instruments , ,
Duration 01:16
BPM 100
Artist John Emil
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108 01:17

A dark, brooding minimal piece. Echoing lead guitars, backed by subtle pads and oscillating bass, joined later by a pulsing, gritty loop. Evoking feelings of sadness and regret, this cue is perfect for melancholy scenes, or brooding/night-time shots.

158 01:51

Carefree, easygoing jazzy record, followed by happy whistling and catchy synth line.

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This airy and light track combines a steady drum groove with piano licks, to create a summery vibe. Perfect for adding a positive, uplifting feel to projects, this track would sit equally at home in a corporate communication or summer commercial.

78 01:26

Relaxing, smooth and elegant Jazz/latin piece with a Spanish guitar. Perfect background for cooking videos, an elevator theme or shopping.

109 01:55

Finger picking acoustic guitar with a close, intimate feel. Sad, reflective, pensive.