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100 01:55

Noisy, cinematic background made of ambient textures, pulsing drones and subtle piano melodies. Ideal for dark footage related to tension, horror, crime and space.

120 01:51

Sexy, funky tune for the summer featuring hot guitars, vocal chops and solid rhythms. Ideal for parties, lifestyle, travel and fashion projects.

85 02:04

An intimate contemporary royalty-free music with melancholic vibes arranged on a string quartet and led by piano and electric guitar.
The unique blend makes it suitable for intense cinematic projects related to life, death, nature and raw scenery.

128 01:31

Energetic cyberpunk royalty free music with cinematic influences and uplifting melodies.
The mood is aggressive and inspiring, ideal for futuristic, technology, hacking and digital projects.

120 02:14

Inspiring corporate upbeat music with guitar plucks, modern synthesizers and energetic rhythms delivering an overall positive mood.
Ideal for business, technology, lifestyle and commercial projects.

70 03:15

Intense cinematic underscore featuring ambient drones, sparse textures and an evocative piano melody on top.
The mood is dreamy and slightly dark, suitable for intimate and atmospheric projects.

90 04:56

The piece starts with a conversation between piano and clarinet, quickly joined by a complete woodwind section, cello and violins. Brass and string ostinatos take over as the tension and drama build.

130 07:02

Great for cinematic, action or sci-fi productions with rolling, fast-paced beats and ambient background pads.

130 11:32

Powerful comosition. Great for action movies, gyms, and sci-fi themes.

126 07:14

Powerful composition, repeating euphoric patterns, great for action movies and documentaries.

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