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Our background music is perfect for media production because our artists specialize in music for games, film, TV and video. If you need an epic soundtrack for a movie or royalty free music for a YouTube video, we have original tracks for content creators, big and small.

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70 01:26

A happy Celtic shanty track that uses bandoneon and violin melodies to create a feeling of being relaxed but confident in a familiar setting, conjuring a setting of pirates or patriots drinking at the harbour tavern.

100 01:56

A dark synthesized track with a hopeful chorus section. A blend of melody, harmony, and rhythm adds complexity and a driving structure.

60 01:44

A beautiful orchestral track with a glockenspiel melody and piccolo flute counter-melody played above a layering of strings, woodwind, and harp. The track creates a calm, sweet, and magical mood fit for Christmas wishes.

75 01:12

A playful and mischievous track that uses a small orchestral ensemble to play simplistic motifs that create an image of playing kids opening Christmas presents or cute animals and their curiosity.

80 03:06

A meditative track that contains a series of synthesizers layered to create a moving pad that supports a light piano melody that is joined by a lyrical soprano saxophone counter-melody. This creates a feeling of calm serenity.

80 03:58

This ambient synthesized track creates a sense of open space and distance. The feeling is that of discovery and curiosity but apprehension as well.

120 03:41

An optimistic contemplative track that progressively builds in synthesized texture and rhythm. This progression gives the sense of time, travel, and discovery.

80 02:01

A retro 80s-style track that uses drums, synthesizers, electric and bass guitar to drive through the minor start into a major chorus full of hope, which creates a sense of determination and achievement that then descends back into a sad ending.

90 01:49

This mellow track contains reflective piano and an emotional saxophone melody giving a mood of nostalgic longing and sad romance.

72 03:16

This calming track uses phasing synthesized chords, light drums, wind chimes, and a soothing melody played on erhu violin (Chinese fiddle) to create an ethereal nature soundscape.

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