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Discover production music for your next project at Melodicloud music library.

Our background music is perfect for media production because our artists specialize in music for games, film, TV and video. If you need an epic soundtrack for a movie or royalty free music for a YouTube video, we have original tracks for content creators, big and small.

Search our music library by keyword or use our advanced filtering options to find the best music for your project. Download and license music for the lifetime of your production with our simple music licensing. No renewal fees, no monthly subscriptions just the music you need, when you need it.

110 01:54

Cinematic and epic orchestral music for video, film, movie, trailer and advertising. The positive and patriotic mood of this track gives you inspiration for new achievements and heights. Starting with soft piano and strings then builds up high tension with big brass, percussion and synths.

101 01:09

Devilish cinematic music for your project, whether it be a store opening, short film, inspirational trailer or product advertising.
Epic music track with big percussion and sound effects, brass section, string ostinato and pulsing synth drones.

125 03:00

Every seedy bar scene in movies or on TV contains some sort of Rock and Roll music blasting from a jukebox. Here is my entry with a salute to a sound akin to AC\DC and ZZ Top. Pulsing and pounding drums with a classic Rock Guitar driving it forward with some tasty Guitar solo above the din to go along with the sin.

115 01:36

A warm and soulful track with notes that touch your heart and soul.
The simplicity of an Acoustic Guitar with Bass, Drums, Piano and Viola help to paint and tell the stories of Every Living Soul.

120 03:39

An emotional Soul/R&B ballad featuring guitar melody and a vibrant horn section! Made up of all real instruments this is a poignant and moving track.

94 02:37

Proud and driving, this track features brassy electronic synths and pulsing textures that build as the song progresses to create a determined mood.

80 02:39

A very romantic melody in the form of valse played by a guitar duet. Creates a soft and sentimental music background.

90 02:17

Full Moon Lullaby is a soft lullaby theme, with some dark elements creating a mysterious and haunting atmosphere. Featuring music box, piano, celeste and pads.

120 02:58

An inspirational and positive track with piano, guitars, strings, bass and drums. Music that creates an atmosphere of success and accomplishment.

115 01:39

A track with a string ostinato rhythmic part and a brass melody giving an epic feeling.

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