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Start your engines for this tool box of fast paced driving music for games. From relaxed drifting and cruising music to fast action racing soundtracks, your driving music styles are covered.

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142 01:38

A high-energy synth-based rock instrumental that evokes a nostalgic, retro party atmosphere. Ideal uses could include: an 80s film/spoof, a scene in a nightclub/bar, music for credits rolling, an 80s road trip scene, music for videos of people with big/long hair, footage from the 1980s etc.

160 01:40

A fast, intense instrumental piece featuring drums, synth lead, guitar and synth bass. Ideal uses could include action scenes, intense video game levels or high-speed chase scenes.

122 01:21

Fashionable smooth Jazz background music with soft deep beats, beautiful Rhodes piano chords, smooth sounds, groovy rhythm and a chilled, relaxing mood. Works great in driving menu games and any stylish and dynamic video.

134 02:47

Post Rock it is a beautiful, fun, energetic ambient post rock track. It contains guitars, pads, drums and bass suitable for any YouTube video, film soundtrack, corporate use and emotional slideshows.

134 01:40

Rock drums and chugging guitars provide the backdrop for a ripping lead guitar. Lots of energy and drive create a sense of determination and confidence. Great for sports, or action sequences.

110 02:02

This track is rhythmic and heavy, strong and powerful using rock guitars, heavy drums with powerful rhythm, cellos and shakers.

Guitar tuning: drop D.

110 02:29

Classic rock track driven by guitar, bass and drums, Instrumental, Rock, Classic Rock

166 04:14

A powerful fast paced Drum and Bass tune with plenty of attitude. Nasty electric Dubstep bass lines, dark soundscapes and gated synth sounds set the tone for this moody track.

137 04:01

High energy dance music with energetic bass arpeggio and a fidgety bass line gives this tune its driving pace. Breaks down with a hard gabba techno stomp and a little tension with vocal “Go”.

160 02:16

Drum and Bass hardcore driving beats with lively aggressive bass line and energetic electric guitar riffs.

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