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Music for video games by award winning composers. Gaming styles include 8 bit music, military and war with dramatic orchestral scores. Video game music perfect for deep immersive game play and fast paced action gaming.

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145 03:38

A guitar based trap beat that is perfect as a backing track for action sports, video games, or YouTube videos.

122 03:17

This menacing synth surge is perfect for action shots, film use, trailers, or video games. The aggressive building of the track compliments many different forms of video.

68 01:49

Dark tension cue with suspense elements featuring scrapes, industrial elements, pulsating synth and  tribal drum beats that creates a tense mood suitable or use in TV, film and video game production.

66 01:54

Suspenseful cue with film score elements featuring subtle melodic content, scrapes, pulsating synth, sound FX, swells and pulsing rhythms that creates a tense and ominous vibe. Suited to horror and thriller productions or as background music for video game cutscenes.

72 01:40

Ominous tension Cue, with suspense elements featuring subtle melodic content, epic drum hits, scrapes, industrial elements, pulsating synth, tribal drum beats and sound effects. Creates a tense, suspenseful mood or underscore in TV, film, commercials, and videos games.

99 02:33

Modern ethnic music background with pads, a distant guitar and world percussion. A relaxing piece inspired by the background music to the Minecraft video game. As a transient, instrumental production it adds to the atmosphere of your project without taking centre stage. Great for video games, photo slideshows, time-lapse videos, inspirational or nostalgic videos and tutorials.

45 04:07

Meditative relaxing piano with a spacey synth landscape. This simple, relaxing piece is inspired by the background music to the Minecraft video game and is a very non-imposing, transient instrumental which adds to the atmosphere without taking centre stage. Great for video games, historical documentaries, science fiction and nature videos or relaxation and meditation.

122 01:21

Fashionable smooth Jazz background music with soft deep beats, beautiful Rhodes piano chords, smooth sounds, groovy rhythm and a chilled, relaxing mood. Works great in driving menu games and any stylish and dynamic video.

90 03:59

An epic Ethnic World song that mixes instruments from East and West. As the track builds it introduces new elements until the final section where the epic character is fully revealed.
Featured instruments include flute, mither, mandolin, strings, cello, violin, shamisen and low choir. Also, the track has percussion like big taikos, dhol, log drum, gong and waterphone. A great fit for travel, documentary, time–lapse videos or games and commercial.

60 01:00

The pressure is on to answer the quiz questions before the buzzer! Ideal uses could include: a timer for a gameshow, somebody anxiously waiting for something, somebody trying to complete a task within the time limit etc.

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