Video Game

Music for video games by award winning composers. Gaming styles include 8 bit music, military and war with dramatic orchestral scores. Video game music perfect for deep immersive game play and fast paced action gaming.

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      145 03:31

      Get ready to march in to battle with this Epic Cinematic Drum and Bass styled track. An incredibly powerful soundtrack starting of with a deep orchestral string bass, percussion hits and marching cello’s. With futuristic Dubstep drops and sound effects building up with orchestral brass swells then dropping into a head nodding breakbeat. Orchestral royalty free production music for film and trailers.

      106 02:26

      This is a happy and joyful track composed with various ukeleles! The perfect track for advertising or commercials!

      98 01:30

      An intriguing action tune with hybrids, electro bits, spatial guitars and deep percussion, ideal for crime movies, spy scenes or modern games.

      150 05:47

      An epic hybrid composition with choirs and strings, going into a more intense part with electric guitars and vintage synths and a sad ending with a piano part. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Electro-Orchestral

      80 00:50

      An Epic Hybrid trailer music featuring powerful sound design elements and punching percussion, strings and brass orchestra, and female vocals, suitable for movie and game teasers, action intros and any project that needs a big, building Hollywood blockbuster background music.

      110 01:52

      Organic piece with strings piano and brass. Very emotive and inspirational

      140 03:45

      Mysterious instrumental background music cinematic underscore with somber, ambient and slightly dark noir feel for storytelling video, film and documentary.

      120 02:08

      Dive into the epicness of the orchestral fanfare. Available at your fingertips for any Action, Apocalyptic or Fantasy genre of movie/game.

      133 02:11

      Uplifting feel good track with bouncy electro beats and bubbling funk bass, wah guitar, popping rhythmic synth sounds and warm string pads featuring funky Hammond organ licks.

      70 05:05

      Hybrid epic dark soundtrack with rock music mixed with orchestral parts and choirs. This soundtrack has lot of variations from smooth parts to heavy parts. Instrumental, Dangerous, Mysterious Dark Magical

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