TV Themes


This is production music for television reality TV shows, sitcoms and TV series. We have upbeat news and media themes and catchy tunes for contests, quiz and game shows.

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60 01:00

The pressure is on to answer the quiz questions before the buzzer! Ideal uses could include: a timer for a gameshow, somebody anxiously waiting for something, somebody trying to complete a task within the time limit etc.

121 01:23

A happy bouncy piano driven track with memorable melodies to put a kick in your step.

89 01:10

An 80’s synthesizer drenched track that propels you back to John Hughes directed movies, big hair, the mall and simpler times.

114 01:51

Funky dance track in the style of Bruno Mars.

126 03:09

Energetic, feel-good, uplifting pop funk track. Bright synth melody, funk guitar, bouncy drums. Lots of breaks and transitions, with a chilled ambient drop down section at 1:03.

125 03:12

Warm, hopeful and thoughtful medium tempo background music. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, relaxed, positive and sensitive feel.

135 02:48

Upbeat, positive, funky and dynamic background music. Lots of builds, drops and transitions. Electric piano, electric guitar, bass guitar, organ, synths, dance beats, feel good vibe.

133 01:04

Tense, dramatic medical or crime underscore, with a sense of urgency and danger. Ends on 0:59 seconds.

95 02:12

A quirky and mischievous piece of music that could be used in a tv show or something that is slightly left field! The dulcimer and mandolin work together to achieve this sense of comic if not unsettling nature.

60 02:48

Sophisticated and atmospheric track with pulsing ambient piano, morphing pads, bells and ethereal female voice. Travelling through times…

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