Extreme Sports


From extreme skateboarding and base jumping to death defying motocross stunts and terrifying mountain bike trails. Discover adrenaline fuelled production music for extreme sports and action shots for the intrepid filmmaker.

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175 03:00

Positive, upbeat and atmospheric track! It starts with a warm and latin intro and evolves to an energetic Drum n Bass chorus. Perfectly suitable for trendy commercials and presentations, promos, intros or openers, explainer videos and YouTube productions.

140 01:14

This track is straight up, four on the floor, heavy guitars and drums and all Rock n’ Roll. As Nigel would say, “this one goes to eleven”!

120 01:10

Metal music full of crunchy, heavy chords, clear notes and heavy plodding drums.

160 00:39

An energetic Rock n’ Roll guitar and drums driven track with traces of Surf music to propel you to that beach party in your mind.

85 01:49

Driving and punchy with in your face blazing guitars and hard pounding drums.

172 01:56

Powerful, fast, futuristic, drum and bass background music. Dynamic beats and breaks, aggressive synths, vocal samples and edgy sound effects.

92 02:18

A cross betweem Metal and Electronica. Builds up from an eerie intro to a full blasting rocker. For that Alien invasion flick or that extreme sports promo

145 03:31

Get ready to march in to battle with this Epic Cinematic Drum and Bass styled track. An incredibly powerful soundtrack starting of with a deep orchestral string bass, percussion hits and marching cello’s. With futuristic Dubstep drops and sound effects building up with orchestral brass swells then dropping into a head nodding breakbeat. Orchestral royalty free production music for film and trailers.

134 02:47

Post Rock it is a beautiful, fun, energetic ambient post rock track. It contains guitars, pads, drums and bass suitable for any YouTube video, film soundtrack, corporate use and emotional slideshows.

140 03:24

Industrial and progressive Dubstep piece, with a very intense vibe. Great for action content

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