Powerful library music for extreme sports, workout and fitness videos. Hit the gym and then relax with background music and soundscapes for yoga sessions and spas.

      Per Page:
      92 02:32

      A building and powerful drum track that will make your project pump harder and stronger.
      Its energetic and uplifting percussive structure includes powerful stomps and claps, crowd chants, punchy trailer hits and ethnic percussion, and its great for extreme sports videos, adventure and GoPro projects, epic and cinematic trailers, info-graphics, football events and TV shows, slideshows, and video games.

      140 02:44

      Simple piano line with heavy 808s and trap hi-hats with spacious claps and a sinister synth line.

      145 01:40

      Indie rock track in the style of The Killers, Kings of Leon.

      143 03:26

      Soft chords topped with trap hi-hats slowly progress with heavy 808s guiding them.

      164 05:49

      Hybrid electronic and heavy metal track, with changes from light to heavy mood. Odd beat. Instrumental, Action, Intense Rock

      120 01:45

      Classic Rock Vibe is an energetic rock background music track with massive drums and uplifting guitar riffs.

      135 02:57

      Driving, powerful spirit of Victory. Triumph. Energetic, unstoppable strings, powerful brass and epic percussion.
      This piece is inspired by Richard Dawkins “Climbing Mount Improbable” describing the evolution of species and the challenges of Life on earth.

      160 06:15

      Drum and Bass driving breakbeat, timpani and deep hollow bass dominate this powerful track with a dreamy breakdown in the middle.

      88 01:53

      Militant, orchestral cue with. building drums and heavy stomps featuring jabbing strings and a plucking pizzicato melody.

      162 02:15

      Hollow climbing bass and jazzy ride cymbal with piano, rich spacious vocal pads and rolling beats.

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