Special Occasions


Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or wedding video, add the perfect finishing touch with our music for Special Occasions. Find production music for Christmas, Halloween or New Year and make your next project right for the occasion.

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160 02:11

A fun, playful and dark track with a haunting melody. The waltz rhythm, theremin, orchestra, grand timpani and mysterious mood makes it a really good choice for Halloween style YouTube videos, games, advertisements, openers, trailers as well as dark funny videos.

140 04:12

Sky is the Limit is a very positive and optimistic track about creativity, new beginnings, possibilities and dreams. The sounds of the universe used in the background give an ethereal feeling making it appropriate for drone videos, time lapses, elevation scenes and pictures from the sky/space.

125 01:20

Happy Christmas song in a pop style comprised of piano, celesta, drums, claps, bass, tubular bells, electric guitar and children’s choir.

128 02:21

“Something Great is coming” is a modern Rock song with sweet sounding live guitars, big drums, strings and piano.

95 01:55

A funky Latin flavored track that is dragged through the streets of New Orleans and mixed up in a tasty musical gumbo.

120 01:10

Epic orchestral track composed with piano, strings, female chorus and drums. This music evokes a rising moment in search of freedom, love, resolution or any emotional journey at the final point.

120 01:49

Uplifting track ideal for motivation and optimistic messages. Comprised of piano, bass, drums, Synths, Flute and vocal FX.

65 03:12

This track features haunting, disembodied voices that one may hear in an old graveyard at midnight! A low, pulsating undertone and Latin percussion instruments provide an accompaniment for these spirits!

110 04:59

Great ambient background track for Halloween or other horror/science fiction uses. This track is loaded with eerie sounds from evil fire to tormented spirits! The song evolves like a movie in your mind. A calm, 3-note bass line, an “in your face” drum kit, and suspenseful strings add to the emotion!

80 05:03

Raindrops is a beautiful soft, romantic and emotional piano song. When I wrote this song I had in mind a character wandering in a house and finds old photographs, or watches an old film that brings happy or sometimes sad memories.

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