Add a touch of glamour to your next production with our collection of Lifestyle music. Great for retail and shopping advertisements as well as fashion shows, quality products and luxury goods.

      Per Page:
      105 01:44

      Blues rock track with picked chords on the acoustic lap steel guitar, rock drums and grinding electric lap steel guitar lines.

      114 03:11

      Very encouraging and positive thanks to acoustic instrument lines like ukeleles, acoustic guitars, percussion that piece together to create an uplifting and emotionally-charged song.

      172 03:23

      This rolling Drum and Bass tune starts off with cool summer vibes with a happy and optimistic feeling. Things soon turn dark with fast tight beats and throbbing Junglist bass lines and the odd eerie horror sound effect. Royalty free drum and bass taking you on an unusual ‘light meets dark’ journey.

      160 02:03

      Emotional, motivational and atmospheric future bass track featuring piano, guitar, epic synths and catchy vocal elements singing “all alone”. Perfect for all kinds of lifestyle and travel videos.

      114 01:45

      This airy and light track combines a steady drum groove with piano licks, to create a summery vibe. Perfect for adding a positive, uplifting feel to projects, this track would sit equally at home in a corporate communication or summer commercial.

      138 03:46

      This driving House track starts with a mute pad and synth swells then drops in to rolling deep House with positive vibes.

      127 03:05

      A banger of a Deep House track kicking off with a child like tune backed with lush pads and female vocal ‘yeah’. This track builds up then unexpectedly drops hard in to a grinding bassline with some Dubstep touches and sound effects. One for the dance floors and nightclubs.

      135 03:51

      A tick tock swinging rhythm and orchestral feel drops into the funky drummer breakbeat. A dreamy tune and relaxing chords alongside a gritty bass line and funky beats make this track flow. (Reminiscent of Gymnopedie by Satie)

      130 03:00

      A 90’s Garage style track with glitched vocals, reverse effects, deep House bass line and stomping ‘four to the floor’ House beats.

      103 01:38

      Indian percussion and dreamy picked chords on the acoustic lap steel guitar with trance like backwards lap steel guitar parts. Nice Indian slide guitar lines. Great for mid east travel or lifestyle.

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