A good Thriller movie will stir strong emotions like fear and excitement. Use this surprising collection of film music for Thrillers and Suspense scenes.

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127 01:25

An extremely eerie and tense instrumental piece featuring strings, cymbal swells, percussion and synth that evokes an ominous feeling. Ideal uses could include a scene involving a murder, someone fearful for their life, a nightmare scene or someone being hunted by an evil spirit.

134 01:42

A dark and ominous instrumental piece featuring piano, synths, swells, drums, percussion, harp and sound effects. Ideal uses could include music for a Halloween scene, tense and spooky scenes or an intense encounter between enemies.

124 01:33

A modern electronic synth track with an edgy, suspenseful vibe. Great for scenes of extreme tension involving computer hackers, criminals, robots or artificial intelligence.

80 02:09

Rumbling and rolling drums, staccato strings, piercing synths, sound design and epic impacts. Immerse yourself in the cold, aggressive world of the battlefield.

70 02:00

Dark ominous cue with horror film score elements. Features pulsating synth, hypnotic rhythms, sound FX, swells, drums, cymbal effects, risers, and hits to create a tense, suspenseful, dramatic underscore.

115 02:33

Data and images pop on the screens, ideas float around the room, clues are dissected, minds are in high gear. A slow heartbeat-like bass drum sets the pace for this quiet, intense track while delicate, urgent melodies dance on top surrounded by eerie Fx. Perfect for a CSI or E.R. style Lab scene.

88 02:49

Electronic percussion and eerie electric piano melodies generate an atmosphere of tension and suspense. The mystery thickens and new sound layers are added in a dramatic, hypnotic crescendo with a few stops, perfect for edit points.

105 02:26

A low drone and electronic percussion create an atmosphere of tension and expectation that builds to a release marked by an eerie fractured piano melody

69 01:47

Ominous tension cue with production suspense elements including subtle melodic content, breathes, pulsating synth, cymbal effects and risers.

100 01:51

Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is lead by a piano, playing the painful notes of the composition. The music gains energy with the incorporation of the rest of orchestral instruments. The mood is at first mournful and threatening, then gains aggressiveness. This music fits projects with mournful and suspenseful moods, with quite tension in the background.

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