Science Fiction


Discover imaginative and futuristic music for science fiction productions. Si-Fi music styles cover extraterrestrial encounters, advanced technology and futuristic concepts.

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120 01:39

A magical, mystical orchestral track featuring piano, soft synths, woodwinds, flute, percussion, harp, celesta, glockenspiel and strings. Ideal for use in fantasy, heavenly or dreamy scenes and as video game music.

70 02:00

Sinister cue with production and film score elements featuring subtle melodic content, scrapes, pulsating synth reverse harmonic guitar melody and hypnotic rhythms to create a dark and suspenseful mood or underscore.

Varies 03:29

A minimal abstract, dark and ambient soundscape recorded with an electric guitar. Perfect for slow motion montages, space related cinematic projects, time-lapse videos, drone footage, views of vast surroundings or nature scenes.

106 03:03

This futuristic and organic ambient track has many synths and very interesting timbres. Listening to this track you may feel relaxed or perhaps lonely but also pacified and calm. A perfect piece for space videos, games, advertisements or even slow motion videos.

70 01:48

Ominous supernatural tension cue featuring subtle melodic content, scrapes, pulsating synth, hypnotic rhythms, tribal drum beats, sound FX, swells, cymbal effects and risers. A tense, suspenseful and dramatic vibe or underscore.

71 01:55

Mystical adventure cue, with film score elements. Features subtle melodic content, scrapes, pulsating synth, reverse harmonic guitar melody, sound FX, swells, cymbal effects to create a mysteriously dramatic mood, vibe or underscore.

98 01:57

A great threat to humanity has arisen and it’s time to assemble the most powerful super hero team on earth for the final epic battle!

70 08:52

This track is a mystical, atmospheric soundscape. It features large synth pads, a marimba-like melody passage, short flute/synth leads and Latin percussion which enters at 01:49.

70 08:31

A soothing, beautiful and ethereal New Age ambient soundscape. The featured instruments are pads, cello, strings and choirs.

75 01:51

Mysterious tension cue with suspense elements featuring subtle melodic content, cymbal effects, scrapes, pulsating rhythms to create a dramatic mood.

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