Detective / Spy


Upbeat background music for detective and spy productions. Perfect soundtrack for secret agent plots, chase scenes and murder investigation productions.

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76 01:54

A mysterious instrumental piece featuring various percussion, synths and sound FX that evokes a secretive vibe. Ideal uses could include music for a video game and scenes of someone sneaking around suspiciously or an undercover spy mission.

122 01:47

A mysterious synth sci-fi instrumental that evokes mystery and uncertainty. Great as music for a mysterious video game level, sci-fi movie or a scene involving robots/aliens.

163 01:32

A mysterious/sneaky orchestral track with suspicious undertones. Ideal used as music for scenes of someone sneaking around unseen, a spy/secret agent film or a detective cracking the case, general sneaky/mischievous scene etc.

80 01:48

A dark, mellow jazzy instrumental with a mysterious vibe. Ideal uses could include an elegant dinner scene, a mystery scene involving detectives or music for a slow-motion scene.

130 01:30

A mysterious instrumental track featuring modern synths and production. Would work well in scenes involving crime investigations, detectives and secret agents or as music for news specials.

160 02:40

This track featuring strings, piano, synth leads, synth bass and epic drums. Can be used for suspense, tension and emotional drama.

80 01:37

Driven by sparse and suspenseful bass guitar notes, rhythmic world percussion to keep you riveted and tense strings floating overhead to draw sweat from your palms.

120 01:46

A cool and slow swinging detective Jazz number that will take you back to the days of the private eye, cigarettes, martinis and wise guys.

100 01:33

This track describes heroes, heroines and foes with sounds that feel aggressive, clandestine, dangerous and unique all at once.

95 02:50

Trip hop influenced, cool with a mid tempo vibe. Upright bass riff with jazz electric piano moods. Determined drum beats and a laid back, confident groove.

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