Theatrical music for drama productions on television and live on stage. Also, music for periodical dramas, docudrama, themes for police and hospital dramas on TV.

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100 02:16

An atmospheric horror track with piano, strings, synths, sound design fx, hard hitting percussion and drums. Great for scenes with tension, investigation and crime but will also work for your Halloween projects.

110 02:24

Dynamic upbeat electronic composition for bass, percussion, pulsating strings and piano

120 03:29

A beautiful romantic, sad and emotional composition for piano, viola, cello and strings.

80 01:37

Driven by sparse and suspenseful bass guitar notes, rhythmic world percussion to keep you riveted and tense strings floating overhead to draw sweat from your palms.

60 02:53

Mysterious and inquisitive piano notes on top of a layer of searching synth arpeggios and mechanical rhythms gives a feeling of journalists in search of truth, detectives and lab coats trying to uncover answers.

120 01:53

Instrumental music made for piano, synthesizers and synth pads. The style is very near to ambient music, with ethereal synth pads and lead at first by the main rhythm and notes of the piano. The mood is calm and relaxed, with a touch of suspense and discreet tension within the quiet feeling.

64 02:54

Through the mist rises a sensuous spirit. The black crows scatter as the spirit gathers strength and prepares to meet the gods for the final copulation.

65 02:07

Disturbing, creepy, crime, horror background. Eerie, mysterious, slowly shifting, deep drone with haunting overtones and dark ambience.

115 02:19

Quirky and earthy americana-infused rock in waltz time. Searching strings add tension while the piano and guitar present the somewhat inquistive melody. Later on, the steel guitar adds some unique flavor.

105 01:52

This track featuring strings, choirs, piano, synth pads, synth leads, synth plucks, synth bass and epic drums can be used for tension and suspense. Hybrid style (orchestral with electronic elements)

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