Theatrical music for drama productions on television and live on stage. Also, music for periodical dramas, docudrama, themes for police and hospital dramas on TV.

      Per Page:
      98 00:45

      A mysterious, dark music track with a great build-up, lots of synths, guitars and deep beats, great for action trailers and teasers, crime scenes or sci-fi underscores.

      80 02:28

      An emotional, uplifting orchestral music theme with inspiring strings, piano bits, harps, brass and epic drums, great for trailers, weddings or love stories.

      98 01:30

      An intriguing action tune with hybrids, electro bits, spatial guitars and deep percussion, ideal for crime movies, spy scenes or modern games.

      66 01:56

      Melancholic felt piano with a mellow and sad mood featuring piano and pads. Perfect for film, tv, documentary videos, drama and movie backgrounds.

      60 02:31

      A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings and woodwinds, ideal for movies, drama shows, war scenes or historical documentaries.

      102 01:46

      Sparse acoustic guitar with slide accompaniment for quiet reflection.

      68 02:08

      Dark, ticking tension with pulsating strings to help create a sense of mystery and suspense.

      80 02:16

      Dark, deep solo acoustic lap steel guitar. Resonant slide guitar with picked chords. Sad, loss minor feel.

      68 02:06

      Dark tension cue, with film score suspense elements featuring pulsing rhythms, synth risers, hits and sound FX to create a tense and suspenseful underscore.

      140 02:44

      Simple piano line with heavy 808s and trap hi-hats with spacious claps and a sinister synth line.

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