Theatrical music for drama productions on television and live on stage. Also, music for periodical dramas, docudrama, themes for police and hospital dramas on TV.

110 02:59

This track is in an action/epic style. It has a strong “build up” function starting with keys that grow intensively with big staccato strings, deep horns, strong percussion and a huge choir at the end. It uses the same four chords throughout the track which makes it coherent even though the instrumentation changes.

85 02:04

An intimate contemporary royalty-free music with melancholic vibes arranged on a string quartet and led by piano and electric guitar.
The unique blend makes it suitable for intense cinematic projects related to life, death, nature and raw scenery.

140 02:42

Contemporary cinematic royalty free music mixing dry strings and soft piano arpeggios with folk sections and organic elements.
The mood is unique, intimate and emotional, best for intense projects.

130 01:47

Dark and evocative cinematic underscore with a neutral mood and a modern arrangement suitable for crime, tension and drama projects.

85 02:33

This is an energetic, powerful epic rock track using fast overdriven strings, electric guitars with bass and punchy drums.

130 02:29

Contemporary cinematic piece with an intimate string quartet, introducing soft bells and a bowed piano on the final sections.
The mood is neutral and reflective, ideal for dialogues, drama, nature, and life projects.

65 02:04

Evocative piano piece with cinematic ambient elements.
The mood is dark and stifling, suitable for dramatic and intense contents.

100 01:37

Dark cinematic crescendo on strings and ambient textures, suitable as underscore for tension, drama, crime and horror projects.

145 01:20

An atmospherical and intense piano piece inspired by bittersweet emotions and evocative landscapes. Ideal for love, drama, loss and nature content.

135 02:00

A unique royalty-free music track featuring acoustic folk strings, organic percussion and soft distant felt piano.
The mood is ethereal and inspiring, suitable for life, nature, drama and loss related projects.

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