Production music for TV Documentaries about war, history, science and technology. Our selection of documentary music is also suitable for nature and wildlife productions.

      Per Page:
      64 01:13

      This is a short track I composed for a romantic movie scene set in 19th century Victorian England. Exciting and elevating strings bring emotional climax and feelings of mutual love and happiness.

      73 01:43

      Soft and reflective, finger picking acoustic guitars. Sparse and beautiful.

      65 04:24

      An ethereal, ambient music piece with an emotional cello, airy piano bits and percussion, great for documentary, timelapse or dark cinematic contents.

      150 05:47

      An epic hybrid composition with choirs and strings, going into a more intense part with electric guitars and vintage synths and a sad ending with a piano part. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Electro-Orchestral

      66 01:56

      Melancholic felt piano with a mellow and sad mood featuring piano and pads. Perfect for film, tv, documentary videos, drama and movie backgrounds.

      102 01:46

      Sparse acoustic guitar with slide accompaniment for quiet reflection.

      117 03:18

      African song with lots of original instruments. Full arrangement with tribal choir. Perfect for your next travel project or documentary.

      125 01:23

      An africa themed orchestra piece with a flute playing a melody. Then the rythmic adventours drums and choir adds to the drive.

      68 02:08

      Dark, ticking tension with pulsating strings to help create a sense of mystery and suspense.

      70 01:56

      Swampy electric blues with a Southern swagger and attitude to spare.

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