Production music for television documentaries including war, history, science and technology. Our selection of documentary music is suitable for nature and wildlife productions featuring wild animals, the ocean, rain forests and vast landscapes.

      Per Page:
      64 01:13

      This is a short track I composed for a romantic movie scene set in 19th century Victorian England. Exciting and elevating strings bring emotional climax and feelings of mutual love and happiness.

      73 01:43

      Soft and reflective, finger picking acoustic guitars. Sparse and beautiful.

      100 05:02

      The perfect example of Alexander Collins’ sound, fusing orchestral music and alternative rock to create an epic soundscape. The big brother of Welcoming Sunrise, this continues the story it started.

      65 04:24

      An ethereal, ambient music piece with an emotional cello, airy piano bits and percussion, great for documentary, timelapse or dark cinematic contents.

      150 05:47

      An epic hybrid composition with choirs and strings, going into a more intense part with electric guitars and vintage synths and a sad ending with a piano part. Instrumental, Dramatic, Regal Electro-Orchestral

      66 01:56

      Melancholic felt piano with a mellow and sad mood featuring piano and pads. Perfect for film, tv, documentary videos, drama and movie backgrounds.

      102 01:46

      Sparse acoustic guitar with slide accompaniment for quiet reflection.

      117 03:18

      African song with lots of original instruments. Full arrangement with tribal choir. Perfect for your next travel project or documentary.

      125 01:23

      An africa themed orchestra piece with a flute playing a melody. Then the rythmic adventours drums and choir adds to the drive.

      68 02:08

      Dark, ticking tension with pulsating strings to help create a sense of mystery and suspense.

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