Laugh out loud with our selection of Comedy music. Add even more humour to your film or video with music for the funniest cartoons, animations and TV shows.

      Per Page:
      120 02:27

      A track with a melody that follows a tic tac clock. In a rush. Documentary. Comedy. Advertising.

      122 01:54

      Tense pizzicato strings, vibes and urban beats create a comic tension. Middle section suggests a lighter sense of discovery, before returning to the mystery. Great for dramedy, searches, and light-hearted investigations.

      125 02:06

      A suspenseful orchestral comedy track. The low pizzicato strings and the clock ticking give this music a semi-dark mysterious feeling, while the rest of the instruments color the tune in more comic colors, turning it suitable for whimsical commercials, ads, youtube videos with a wink and animations. This music is like a realization that something is wrong in toy-land and the investigation is starting. Full of fun instrumentation and melodies.

      135 01:55

      A playful and happy tune full of positive energy. Featuring a marimba and bongos. Great for animations, video games, and children related productions

      135 01:39

      Positive royalty free easy listening / bossa nova background instrumental elevator music with soft comforting feel for promotional video, infomercial, vlog, presentation, on-hold music, event, training, and commercial business use.

      245 02:17

      An upbeat groove led by a melodic twangy guitar. A potentially useful song in a variety of genres and moods.

      108 02:14

      This one is an uplifting and optimistic soundtrack with cheerful and playful human whistle. It also includes radiant sounds of ukulele, guitars and simple beats that will be excellent for advertising, marketing, presentations, promotions and YouTube projects. Its optimistic and hopeful vibes will undoubtedly make your projects energized with some cool elements and features! It’s a fact.. Have fun!

      132 02:00

      Bright and energetic featuring hot brass, vibrant acoustic guitar and lively percussion textures that create an uplifting and playful mood. Bright and summery vibe. Great for travel, holiday and leisure, street carnival, dancing.

      165 01:16

      This is a Techno version of Rimsky-Korsakovs Flight of the bumblebee with busy arpeggios and frantic modular synths imitating the sound of the bee.

      128 01:52

      A fun lighthearted ode to Les Paul and Western Swing music in a stripped down trio format. Besides the obvious, this track might also work great in a dark comedy setting.

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