Make time to play and feel like a child again with our collection of fun and playful Children’s production music. Great for use in children’s television programmes, videos and adverts.

      Per Page:
      88 02:06

      Soft, heartfelt version of the public domain Christmas song Auld Lang Syne featuring acoustic guitar and glockenspiel.

      84 01:34

      Happy & childish track with happiness all over!

      110 01:14

      A children’s atmosphere, combination of wind instruments, pizzicato and percussion.

      135 01:55

      A playful and happy tune full of positive energy. Featuring a marimba and bongos. Great for animations, video games, and children related productions

      97 01:43

      Bright and sparkly, featuring hip hop drums, perky strings and cheerful glock, creating a cheerful festive mood.

      173 02:09

      Highly energized track with a ska electric guitar and drum rhythm featuring catchy group vocals.

      114 02:48

      Friendly and positive song with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, cello and piano brings a festival mood in every project. Highly suitable background music for commercials, children themes and lifestyle.

      128 01:52

      A fun lighthearted ode to Les Paul and Western Swing music in a stripped down trio format. Besides the obvious, this track might also work great in a dark comedy setting.

      122 01:17

      This is a smooth, jazzy version of the public domain song ‘Happy Birthday’. Full of bounce and vocal ad libs that will get you in a birthday party mood.

      116 02:44

      Warm and bouncy, featuring flowing acoustic guitar, playful strings, and curious mallets that create a quirky, happy mood.

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