Make time to play and feel like a child again with our collection of fun and playful Children’s production music. Great for use in children’s television programmes, videos and adverts.

93 02:16

This is a happy laid back instrumental track. The genre is between Funk and Country. It has a happy and distinct melody in the verse part played by the ukulele. And a more pop-inspired melody in the chorus played by piano and marimba in octaves.

150 01:32

This track is in a happy forward-moving adventure style. It’s a full symphonic orchestration with a strong melody line played by trumpets and violins in a very heroic way. The track features an A and a B section. The A-section is calmer and playful whereas the B-section is the big heroic part.

150 01:37

Inspiring and uplifting ukulele tune ideal for happy and quirky contents.
The arrangement also includes marimba, keyboards, additional guitar and light drums.

100 01:57

‘Happy Whistle’ is a unique and positive serenade of life and happy days! This is a bouncy and very cheerful tune, featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, light piano, accordion and a simple but catchy whistling melody.

105 02:39

‘Swinging Whistle’ is a bouncy jazz swing track and very happy dance tune. Features jazzy bass guitar, swinging drums, ukulele and light piano solo with tiny bells and a simple whistling melody.

120 02:14

This track will be a dominant tune on Monday morning, your first workday of the week! Music box sound will wake up you. It is a happy, upbeat carefree folk whistle music track with ukulele,
positive vibes, hand-clapping and an energetic chorus.

157 03:00

This is funny music with flute and synth flies playing the main melody with horns section stabs in the style of blues. It could be useful in so many applications and different media projects.

175 01:21

The mother of all the acoustic trends: a corporate ukulele track!
This royalty free music background is a concentrate of happiness, joy, fun, smiles, good life and hands up in the air!
All over the theme you will find “strategic” stops for further usage which will make your editing and sync a lot easier.
An elevating and highly optimistic tune is yours, enjoy it right now!

142 02:33

This is a celebratory, joyful and carefree track. Features funny trombone, deep piano note, tiny palm-muted guitar and shiny bells theme. This track has an optimistic and cheerful mood.

85 02:16

Chill Out And Whistle is a bouncy royalty-free jazz swing track and a very happy tune. Featuring jazzy acoustic bass guitar with swinging drums, stomps, claps and snaps and a bright ukulele. Some light piano chops with tiny bells, xylophone and cool chill-out whistling melody that you will wear as a necklace to show to all your friends and family!

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