Make time to play and feel like a child again with our collection of fun and playful Children’s production music. Great for use in children’s television programmes, videos and adverts.

      Per Page:
      88 02:06

      Soft, heartfelt version of the public domain Christmas song Auld Lang Syne featuring acoustic guitar and glockenspiel.

      80 01:31

      Island beach feel with warm ukulele melody, steel guitar and percussion.

      140 02:47

      Instrumental music made for piano and melodic percussions. The mood is playful, positive and upbeat, and the rhythm is happy and joyful. The music starts with the piano, playing the main notes and rhythm, and later it is supported by melodic percussions and a bright piano. Then gains energy with the incorporation of acoustic percussion in the background, and some fun violin pizzicatos. This music fits very well in scenes with positive and cheerful topics, even corporate and advertising, drawings and funny projects, even for children topics.

      84 01:34

      Happy & childish track with happiness all over!

      110 01:14

      A children’s atmosphere, combination of wind instruments, pizzicato and percussion.

      83 01:20

      1920s Hawaiian influenced track with bright slide guitar lines on the Dobro and strums from the ukulele.

      135 01:55

      A playful and happy tune full of positive energy. Featuring a marimba and bongos. Great for animations, video games, and children related productions

      108 02:14

      This one is an uplifting and optimistic soundtrack with cheerful and playful human whistle. It also includes radiant sounds of ukulele, guitars and simple beats that will be excellent for advertising, marketing, presentations, promotions and YouTube projects. Its optimistic and hopeful vibes will undoubtedly make your projects energized with some cool elements and features! It’s a fact.. Have fun!

      97 01:43

      Bright and sparkly, featuring hip hop drums, perky strings and cheerful glock, creating a cheerful festive mood.

      173 02:09

      Highly energized track with a ska electric guitar and drum rhythm featuring catchy group vocals.

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