A positive and inspiring selection of music for business and corporate presentations. Motivate and encourage your clients, customers and users to feel good about the products and services you provide.

122 01:44

Corporate upbeat royalty free music led by an elegant piano, delivering emotional vibes and an overall positive mood. Ideal for business, lifestyle, technology and inspiring contents.

106 05:00

Just Breathe is a blissful, meditative ambient instrumental. Featuring windchimes, drones, and numerous electronic instruments, this atmospheric track conjures up feelings of peace and love.

120 02:14

Inspiring corporate upbeat music with guitar plucks, modern synthesizers and energetic rhythms delivering an overall positive mood.
Ideal for business, technology, lifestyle and commercial projects.

80 02:46

Inspiring cinematic royalty free music with epic melodies and uplifting arrangement, also introducing modern synthesizers and two stops for further editing.
Ideal for corporate, technology, business and life projects.

100 03:06

This royalty free music is a positive corporate track featuring ambient elements, guitars and tuned percussions over a modern rhythmic section.
The mood is bright, motivating and inspiring, ideal for successful stories related to business, technology, science, medical and lifestyle.

160 02:15

Hawaiian upbeat royalty free music arranged on a premium Tenor ukulele, soft keyboards and light guitars.
The mood is happy and inspiring, best for summer, friends, party and carefree projects.

100 01:27

A unique corporate acoustic track featuring original combinations of acoustic instruments, found sounds, violin and tuned percussions.
The mood is positive, bright and inspiring, ideal for life, nature, outdoors, family and home related projects.

100 01:34

Soothing glitch royalty-free music featuring an elegant piano blended with modern rhythmic elements.
The mood is relaxing and inspiring, ideal for meditation, time-lapse, architecture, nature and lifestyle projects.

128 02:03

Inspiring corporate royalty free music with acoustic instruments delivering an overall positive mood, ideal for business, technology, lifestyle and travel.

100 02:19

Neutral ambient royalty-free music arranged on soft synthesizers and ethereal pads. Ideal for documentaries and projects related to technology, science, medical and innovation.

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