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Add impact to your next business presentation, training video or live event with our Corporate background music. Use our music to promote your business and brand.

      Per Page:
      120 02:02

      Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is lead by the piano at the start with the main notes and rhythm of the composition. The mood is happy, cheerful and the rhythm is like a Christmas dance. This music describes a very happy and uplifting Christmas scene. The style is very near to classical soundtrack music, and fits perfect in happy, optimistic and very positive and emotional Christmas scenes.

      92 02:32

      A building and powerful drum track that will make your project pump harder and stronger.
      Its energetic and uplifting percussive structure includes powerful stomps and claps, crowd chants, punchy trailer hits and ethnic percussion, and its great for extreme sports videos, adventure and GoPro projects, epic and cinematic trailers, info-graphics, football events and TV shows, slideshows, and video games.

      73 01:43

      Soft and reflective, finger picking acoustic guitars. Sparse and beautiful.

      207 01:19

      This is a happy and joyful track featuring a glockenspiel melody, claps, ukeleles and some acoustic guitars.

      88 01:20

      A romantic mandolin-led track built around a simple theme developing into an epic orchestral climax.

      100 05:02

      The perfect example of Alexander Collins’ sound, fusing orchestral music and alternative rock to create an epic soundscape. The big brother of Welcoming Sunrise, this continues the story it started.

      110 01:00

      A beautiful, emotional royalty free cinematic music theme with a sad sentimental piano, strings and hybrid orchestra, percussion and sound design, great for romantic Hollywood style trailers, teasers or love stories.

      95 02:40

      A powerful, emotional orchestral music theme with a warm piano, strings, choirs, brass and epic drums. Very inspiring and uplifting piece. Best for weddings, movies or trailers.

      120 01:16

      A corporate uplifting and escalating track with piano, guitars, claps, kicks, strings and synth. Happy and simple.

      120 02:27

      A track with a melody that follows a tic tac clock. In a rush. Documentary. Comedy. Advertising.

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