130 03:03

A Spanish track, with an intro with classical guitar the develop slowly mixed with a bass. The main melody explodes with electronic instruments and electric guitars. In the middle is a hypnotic special.

74 02:51

Motivational atmosphere music with Spanish / Latin guitars and a Spanish rhythm percussion with a string ensemble. This music creates a mood of courage and evokes feelings of the history of Latin culture mixed with modern composition and effects.

150 00:59

A short romantic tune with a classical guitar arpeggio and a lyrical cello melody with Strings background.

120 03:05

Instrumental music made for orchestra and piano. This music is led by a piano and the style is near to soundtrack and classical music with ethnic influences from Southern Spain, Andalucia. This music fits very well in films and broadcast projects. The mood is energetic and positive, animated and optimistic. Other important instruments are harp, strings, horns and percussions, which give energy to the composition, and the folk instruments are castanets and tambourine, which give happiness and a nice rhythm to the music.

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