Middle East

122 02:09

An uplifting oriental-style track for groovy middle-eastern vibes.
Features oriental instruments with acoustic and flamenco guitars, electric bass, hummed live voices, strings, oriental percussion and drums.

90 02:32

An oriental track using arabian instruments mixed with modern elements for groovy middle eastern vibes.
Features oud and acoustic guitar along with electric bass, oriental percussion, loops and drums.

110 01:51

Dakar is a powerful and aggressive music track with Middle-East flavor. Featuring stomps, ethnic instruments, claps and big percussions.

140 01:24

A driving video game track featuring sitar, synth, percussion, tabla and drones. Ideal for a video game involving Egypt, the pyramids and the middle east or as music for a scene in the desert.

85 01:58

This royalty free trap music piece with Arabic and Oriental mood, massive ethnic orchestral strings, 808 sub bass, punchy trap drum beat, synth chops and brass section. For travel video and adventures, openers and intros, podcasts, television promotional videos, slide shows and video blogs

112 01:51

An epic soundtrack inspired by a traditional Arabic music and massive orchestral elements such as ethnic strings, passion oud, groovy darbuka. This background track is perfect for middle eastern video projects and travel videos, Arabian desert scenes or culture and history documentaries.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

170 01:36

An uplifting royalty free Middle Eastern world music theme with oriental beats, oud bits, nay flutes, a groovy darbuka and strings, great for your travel, lifestyle or cultural projects. These inspiring world beat sounds will elevate your unique projects and give them a fresh start!

140 01:55

Inspired by traditional Arabic musical mood, this one is an exciting and epic royalty free instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, a passionate oud and groovy ethnic darbuka elements! Its magical and persuasive nature will be quite suitable for your middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercials and documentaries.

132 01:24

An epic action instrumental soundtrack with massive orchestral elements such as ethno oriental strings, arabian oud, ethnic percussions, epic drum and middle eastern darbuka. Mood of the track is epic, dominant, escalating, uplifting and is ideal for extreme cinematic trailers, big action films, imposing movie trailers, advertising, stunning commercials, fighting and chasing scenes. Also perfect for history and travel projects, desert nature scenes, cultural videos, Arabian commercial and documentary video.

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