Indie Rock

100 03:36

I Know A Guy (The Driver) is a riff driven, thumping rock instrumental track. Packed with energy and attitude, it tells the story of a driver hired for a job that doesn’t quite go to plan.

169 02:02

Energetic and uplifting indie rock music track with motivational “wo oho” vocal shouts for powerful action cues.

212 02:59

Energetic and uplifting indie rock for power, action and motivation.

160 01:55

Powerful and energetic rock track with driving electric guitars, heavy drums, synths and bass for powerful action cues.

90 02:18

An energetic and driving electric guitar riff. The heavy drums, driving low bass, synths and “hey” shouts are ideal for powerful action cues.

100 02:10

Rock me to extreme is a heavy and energetic music track. Features electric guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, percussion, bass and sound effects ideal for powerful action cues.

105 02:17

Gritty and funky, this funk rock piece features a baritone saxophone, Hammond organ and distorted electric guitar. Check out the solo at 1:06! Funky bass and drums combine with those to create a piece full of energy!

118 01:42

Inspiring and uplifting corporate music track with electric guitars, electric piano, multiple percussion instruments, bass guitar, driving drums and a simple piano melody.
Ideal background for any positive and motivational videos and presentations.

120 02:30

Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with a celebratory mood / feel. A versatile track that you can use everywhere. Great for motivational commercials and films, websites, inspirational presentations, advertising and youthful brands.

128 02:21

“Something Great is coming” is a modern Rock song with sweet sounding live guitars, big drums, strings and piano.

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