Hard Rock

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125 00:51

Cowbell and Rock n’ Roll is a cure for the blues. When combined with the trinity of Guitar, Bass and Drums this track will have you hitting repeat all day.

140 01:14

This track is straight up, four on the floor, heavy guitars and drums and all Rock n’ Roll. As Nigel would say, “this one goes to eleven”!

85 01:49

Driving and punchy with in your face blazing guitars and hard pounding drums.

150 02:13

A face sheering, high energy, hard driving piece of music.

85 03:03

“Stadium Rock Anthem” is an epic rock track inspired by classic rock bands, featuring electric guitar, bass and drums.

92 02:18

A cross betweem Metal and Electronica. Builds up from an eerie intro to a full blasting rocker. For that Alien invasion flick or that extreme sports promo

132 03:31

A sense of anticipation, the day of the big Event. A guitar riff sets the stage and then the whole band gets in on this energetic, positive rock tune with relentless electric guitars over a bombastic dance groove.

120 01:24

An hybrid-orchestral track with epic drums and strings. Great for trailer movies, or any epic scene or commercial

134 02:47

Post Rock it is a beautiful, fun, energetic ambient post rock track. It contains guitars, pads, drums and bass suitable for any YouTube video, film soundtrack, corporate use and emotional slideshows.

88 02:25

A powerful and action heavy rock theme with guitar riffs, rock bass, drums and synthesizers, ideal for action scenes, sport competitions, games or intros.

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