115 01:36

A warm and soulful track with notes that touch your heart and soul.
The simplicity of an Acoustic Guitar with Bass, Drums, Piano and Viola help to paint and tell the stories of Every Living Soul.

145 01:27

Lively instrumental with a bouncy acoustic guitar, vibraphone and marimba. Great track to bring on some travels and Summer!

80 02:03

Fun, quirky track featuring a happy whistling vocal and marimba. Great Summery vibes!

125 02:09

Bright, happy instrumental featuring whistling and marimbas along with a swinging guitar, piano and bouncy beat! Great track to bring in the Summer!

92 02:06

Upbeat instrumental with a happy-go-lucky whistling voice and a playful beat.

99 02:36

Upbeat, organic track with a contemporary edge. Has a driving, syncopated acoustic guitar and piano with percussive movement underneath creating a great build and energy!

125 02:39

Upbeat and driving track with a sense of positivity and motivation. Ideal for supporting corporate footage and any business that wants to thrive!

117 03:02

Driving pop-rock track with anthemic vocals and a constant foot stomping beat throughout.

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