Easy Listening

110 02:27

Light and heartwarming acoustic music track to set a soft feel-good mood.
Features ukuleles, acoustic guitars, bells, handclaps, piano, strings and light brushed drums.

202 01:00

A happy, catchy royalty-free folk style tune, with whistles, ukuleles, strings, glockenspiel and tambourines. Ideal for kids ads, family or home projects.

100 02:00

An upbeat and positive acoustic track featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitars, claps, and hand percussion. Ideal for cooking videos, family montages, and social media commercials.

154 01:41

A joyful and upbeat acoustic track with positive and optimistic energy.

100 03:15

Uplifting corporate music track performed with drums and synthesizers. This track evokes inspiration and progress with the chords and melodies and is ideal for corporate videos, presentations and products.

200 01:52

An energizing, inspiring, positive Rock track with an optimistic mood.

92 02:14

A positive, energetic and motivational Hip-Hop track.

115 02:58

Atmospheric, corporate, melancholic, track, with a deep, surround sound. Associated with corporate film scientific experiments and space.

114 01:55

Picture a happy and carefree stroll down a pleasant dirt road. A nice family track. Acoustic guitars, drum and percussion. Fun and uplifting!

81 01:22

Medium fast but mellow finger picked solo guitar piece. Has two distinct sections and a definite ending.

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