Pop music library covering all styles from Bubblegum and Indie Pop to Electro Pop and Reggae.

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112 01:27

A positive, inspiring corporate track with a tropical vibe evoking a feeling of optimism and progress. Ideal uses could include corporate training videos for a tropical resort or music for high-end luxury hotels and island getaways.

127 01:34

Step into the new age with this modern synth corporate track featuring synths, synth drums, digital swells and soft pads. Great used as music for a technology commercial, college or university promotional video, scenes in a hi-tech laboratory or as music for a training video.

193 01:06

Step out your front door into beautiful sunshine. Your mood is elevated, carefree, happy and nothing can bring you down. You have an extra skip in your step and the birds are singing your song. The world is turning your way and this is the soundtrack to your day.

130 01:49

Perfect for introduction videos, commercial use, drone shots, YouTube and travel videos. This track has a build up to a slightly EDM but not overwhelming instrumental chorus.

80 02:06

Calm and modern corporate track with relaxing, sounds, rhythm and melodies for projects about technology, innovation, travel, drone-shots, time-lapse and warm moments.

114 02:27

Motivational and uplifting background corporate track with acoustic guitars, harmonics, mute guitars, strings, elegant piano and pads. Good for advertising, company presentations, podcasts or business promos.

120 02:30

Fast and energetic uplifting indie rock with a celebratory mood / feel. A versatile track that you can use everywhere. Great for motivational commercials and films, websites, inspirational presentations, advertising and youthful brands.

85 03:16

Chilled electronic and acoustic Pop that is upbeat and fun with synths, piano and acoustic guitar. Great for family videos, playful advertising or kids videos and commercials.

125 01:20

Happy Christmas song in a pop style comprised of piano, celesta, drums, claps, bass, tubular bells, electric guitar and children’s choir.

121 01:23

A happy bouncy piano driven track with memorable melodies to put a kick in your step.

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