Smooth Jazz

99 02:29

A Smooth Jazz piece featuring guitar melody. A nice funky and contemporary vibe! Sounds like Lee Ritenour or Larry Carlton. Nice background music for video.

76 02:37

‘I Know That Feel’ is a dreamy, beautiful, introspective, and mellow Lo-Fi Hip-Hop track with Smooth Jazz melodies. Features vintage electric guitars, a nostalgic piano background, and a gentle clarinet. Best described as chilled, cinematic, good-feeling, tranquil, ambient, and laid-back.

96 02:29

Smooth and cool, guitar melody and solo are the focus of this relaxed and melodic smooth jazz track.

124 02:10

A jazzy trio of piano, bass and drums set an elegant mood of classy sophistication. Ideal as music for a sophisticated party, Sunday brunch, cocktail hour or scenes of wealthy people gathering.

80 01:48

A dark, mellow jazzy instrumental with a mysterious vibe. Ideal uses could include an elegant dinner scene, a mystery scene involving detectives or music for a slow-motion scene.

80 05:06

Calm and slow jazz piece. Composed for saxophone, trumpet and pianos. It has a lot of calm, improvisational and creative moments. Describes nice and relaxed ambiences in films, advertising and also documentaries, mainly in the dark of a big city in a lonely and comfortable place.

80 02:18

Very slow soothing jazz track, composed for muted trumpet, saxophones, piano and brush drums. The mood is quiet, relaxing and calm, some nostalgy and melancholy, even sexy and erotic purposes. Good for productions with urban and relaxing topics. also for other media with soothing and peaceful moods probably in the night and maybe under blankets!

158 01:51

Carefree, easygoing jazzy record, followed by happy whistling and catchy synth line.

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