Trip Hop

98 02:59

Energetic, funny and funky. A strange boombap / hiphop beat combination between bass, kick and orchestral elements like trumpets, keys and horns.

78 02:09

Laid back Hip Hop, Rap, Lo-Fi Urban background music. Electric Piano, bass, synthesizers, boom kick drum, vinyl scratches, tape noise and vocal samples.

95 02:50

Trip hop influenced, cool with a mid tempo vibe. Upright bass riff with jazz electric piano moods. Determined drum beats and a laid back, confident groove.

100 02:18

A high tech electronic track, with contemporary minimalistic technical glitchy beat, crystal clear sounds, organic and emotional elements. Dreamy, relaxed, background and at the same time digital and inspirational. Suitable for 3D video projects, high tech video and corporate presentations. The structure of arrangement allows seamless looping.

90 02:56

A haunting top line introduces a hard trap rhythm and foreboding bass keys.

143 03:26

Soft chords topped with trap hi-hats slowly progress with heavy 808s guiding them.

140 02:44

Simple piano line with heavy 808s and trap hi-hats with spacious claps and a sinister synth line.

150 03:26

A trap track with a difference – the main voice is a lonely sine wave portamento that guides the listener through the journey of sound.

90 02:29

Sleazy trip hop style track with mellow strings and big reverb orchestral strikes.

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