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A music library of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul for your productions including R&B, Trip Hop and Motown

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125 02:24

A royalty-free background music track with catchy funk ingredients such as dazzling brass sections, passionate horns, funky mute guitars, baritone sax parts, live bass lines and groovy drum beat. Make your openers, lifestyle videos, corporate advertising, youtube videos and event promos cooler than ever! It is the ideal tune for projects where a timeless and classic motivational funk music is needed.

97 01:50

A quirky, mischievous hip hop instrumental featuring synth, drums machine, strings, glockenspiel and percussion. Ideal uses could include scenes of pranks or sneaking through the hood and suspicious or general comedic scenes.

105 03:39

This track combines the vibe of Funk, Motown, R&B and Soul. With a combination of a tight rhythm section, keys, synth and top notes of flute to carry you through the decades of a sound that still dominates the airwaves.

210 01:30

This upbeat track is full of happiness, Motown and Swing. Set around an infectious drum beat and bass line that moves your body, the horns in the melody is just the icing on top.

145 03:38

A guitar based trap beat that is perfect as a backing track for action sports, video games, or YouTube videos.

86 04:09

A slow tempo mellow track, based on the Chillhop music genre, a fusion of Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Chillout and Jazz. Perfect as background music in an lifestyle advertising and vlogs.

78 03:13

This track is a slow tempo mellow ambient track, based on Chillhop music genre. A fusion of Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Chillout and Jazz that is great as chilled out background music in an advert, vlog or movie.

92 00:57

A track that builds from a filtered piano to a confident hip hop beat continues to build with marked stabs from symphonic instruments and then a soaring lead. A musical symbol of the positive future of social changes.

95 01:55

A funky Latin flavored track that is dragged through the streets of New Orleans and mixed up in a tasty musical gumbo.

114 01:51

Funky dance track in the style of Bruno Mars.

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