The Future


This is music for the future.

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122 01:47

A mysterious synth sci-fi instrumental that evokes mystery and uncertainty. Great as music for a mysterious video game level, sci-fi movie or a scene involving robots/aliens.

106 03:03

This futuristic and organic ambient track has many synths and very interesting timbres. Listening to this track you may feel relaxed or perhaps lonely but also pacified and calm. A perfect piece for space videos, games, advertisements or even slow motion videos.

175 03:00

Positive, upbeat and atmospheric track! It starts with a warm and latin intro and evolves to an energetic Drum n Bass chorus. Perfectly suitable for trendy commercials and presentations, promos, intros or openers, explainer videos and YouTube productions.

140 02:58

“Science and Technology” is a clean and modern track appropriate for productions and documentaries that include science, technology and corporate/enterprise themes.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

80 02:09

Rumbling and rolling drums, staccato strings, piercing synths, sound design and epic impacts. Immerse yourself in the cold, aggressive world of the battlefield.

130 01:40

Confident and proud. The world is yours. Walk the walk!

105 02:06

This track featuring strings, piano, synth leads and plucks, synth bass and epic drums can be used for suspense, tension and emotional drama.

122 02:35

Rumbling and rolling drums, textured strings, battle horns, bruising brass, epic impacts and distorted Synths. Immerse yourself in the cold, aggressive world of dark and intense Trailer Music.

86 02:52

An heroic track with a dark side and epic, orchestral elegance. Soaring strings, powerful drums and bright brass create a massive cinematic experience.

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