Background music in the style of the 2000s also known as 00s or the noughties. Hip-hop was the biggest genre of the 2000s with artists and producers like The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dog and Eminem. Teen pop still had momentum from the 90s and continued to be huge in the 2000s with artists like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Many music genres were popular in the ‘noughties’ like Contemporary R&B, Grime, Britpop, Metal, Indie Rock and Reggaeton. Electronic Music was strong with Eurodance, Indietronica, Trance and new variants like Hip House and Electro Hop, a mix of Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop. As the Internet developed and moved in to the 21st century, platforms like YouTube and Napster made music more accessible to everyone. Artists and musicians now had a wealth of music to be inspired by and were able to self-publish their own music without a record label.

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