160 01:39

Inspiring and energetic Synthwave royalty free music featuring catchy melodies and upbeat synthesizers.
The mood is happy and positive, ideal for tech, gaming, business and trendy lifestyle related contents.

100 01:51

Back from the 80s, here’s another dark synth-pop stock music tune built on typical drum machines and synthesizers for all your analog needs.
It is reminiscent of night rides in neon lights and empty streets and is suitable for any vintage project with tech visuals.

75 02:26

A minimalistic, electronic music piece based on hypnotic and repetitive melodies and drum beat.

80 02:33

Circles is an electronic track fusing 80s synth music with elements of trap and dubstep, full of energy and optimism.

100 02:45

Urban pop with vocal line and a cool edgy mood.

125 02:25

A dreamy, modern synthwave track with melodic synths, basses, iconic drums and warm pads.

162 02:28

‘Purple Sunset’ is a journey to an exciting, uplifting, and joyful synthpop world. Analog and digital synthesizers, spacious drums, catchy keyboards, and a pulsating steady beat.

140 01:30

Cinematic Synthwave Trailer is a remarkable music track done in the style of synthwave with a little influence of dub-step and breakbeat! You can hear it designed in the best traditions of raw synth music of the late 80s, which is able to easily tune to the desired dreamy vibe.

120 02:16

Retro Racer is a drive retrowave / synthwave track with elements of trance and techno. Inspired by the culture of the 80s, the era of VHS.

81 01:43

A pensive, moody and moving track that is carried by an airy, melancholy Hawaiian type slide guitar. The 808 drum machine gives it a contemporary/old school feel and also keeps it buoyant. The feeling of the tropics, blue water, lazy summer days and curtains softly blowing through open doorways.

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