The 19th century was a significant time for music seeing the use of poetry in music, the peak of Classical music and the birth of Jazz which all shape the music of today. Musically, the 19th century is referred to as the ‘Romantic era’ or the ‘long nineteenth century’ as Western art music history spans from the French Revolution to the First World War (1789-1914). This period saw the rise of the industrial revolution which brought wealth to many giving people more time for leisure. Composers would perform their works in front of large crowds in concert halls and as the demand for music events grew over time, so did the orchestras and musical compositions resulting in large scale operatic and symphonic works. Parlour music gained popularity which was an intimate performance by solo artists in a family home on various instruments including the piano. The Piano would become the standard in many households for entertainment and social gatherings until the 20th century when the radio and record players would take it’s place.

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