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122 03:17

This menacing synth surge is perfect for action shots, film use, trailers, or video games. The aggressive building of the track compliments many different forms of video.

100 01:33

This track describes heroes, heroines and foes with sounds that feel aggressive, clandestine, dangerous and unique all at once.

120 02:12

An atmospheric track that gives the feeling of synthetic flight with scatterings of Kraftwerk rhythms, melodic note stabs and an industrial vibe.

120 01:03

This uptempo instrumental has buzzing synths riding the dance style drum kick with a mission oriented organ , accompanied by dancing hi hats.

120 01:46

This unique instrumental has a pulsating synth and energetic accompanying instruments to complete this action packed beat.

140 02:11

“The Hunt” is an aggressive, dark and intense trailer track that has lots of energy and created with orchestra strings, dubstep drums, hybrid elements, dark synths and a really mysterious, creepy and haunting piano. Appropriate for horror, thriller and mystery video games and movies that want to have anxiety, climax and cruelty.

92 02:00

A powerful and dynamic cinematic music track with epic synths and percussion, big trailer hits, and blockbuster transition sound effects.

165 03:19

The Robots are coming! This Industrial sounding Drum and Bass track drives hard with smashing beats and dark, deep bass lines. A very moody technology style track with scary overtones of uncertainty.

105 01:57

Growling low synths are punctuated by heavy percussion in this tense track. A flowing string melody creates a moody atmosphere. Dark and foreboding, while at the same time maintaining a sense of urgency.

80 00:50

An Epic Hybrid trailer music featuring powerful sound design elements and punching percussion, strings and brass orchestra, and female vocals, suitable for movie and game teasers, action intros and any project that needs a big, building Hollywood blockbuster background music.

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