Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

130 01:49

Perfect for introduction videos, commercial use, drone shots, YouTube and travel videos. This track has a build up to a slightly EDM but not overwhelming instrumental chorus.

120 01:34

A sugary sweet melodically drenched track with notes that tug at your memories and heartstrings.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

172 01:56

Powerful, fast, futuristic, drum and bass background music. Dynamic beats and breaks, aggressive synths, vocal samples and edgy sound effects.

128 02:57

Upbeat, inspiring and positive dance anthem. A happy, funky pop intro leads into catchy, uplifting, motivating party music. EDM style breakdowns and transitions build to a climatic ending. Dynamic piano, pumping, bouncy synths, powerful lead melody, dance kick and snare, funky hand claps, energised drum fills and sweeping sound effects.

130 02:43

Energetic and futuristic dance background music. Track builds and drops with breaks, transitions, a great foot stomping beat, and a powerful ending! Strong kick, dynamic drums, edgy synth rhythms, dubstep wobble bass, dramatic transitions, choir vocals, repetitive hooks and melody.

114 02:14

Uplifting electro-pop soundtrack that brings you into an optimistic and happy moment. Energetic and inspirational mood. Comprised of piano, acoustic guitar, strings, synths, vocal chorus and drums.

93 01:12

This is instrumental sounds like a face off between synthesizers with the drum kick being the judge.

127 03:05

A banger of a Deep House track kicking off with a child like tune backed with lush pads and female vocal ‘yeah’. This track builds up then unexpectedly drops hard in to a grinding bassline with some Dubstep touches and sound effects. One for the dance floors and nightclubs.

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