Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

144 02:20

‘High-Speed Vessel Party’ is an energetic, powerful, upbeat, modern, and uplifting electronic track, featuring bright synthesizers, future bass-inspired vocal chops, deep synth bass, hard-hitting drums, and a strong urban beat.

150 01:44

We are the future (Inspiring Dubstep) is a bright and fresh dubstep/future bass track. Featuring thick percussion and unique modern synths.

120 02:00

Fashion and Cars is a modern and rhythmic EDM track, with an intense and dynamic feeling.

118 01:51

Summer Vibes is a positive and bright track with EDM and acoustic elements. The energetic and uplifting mood will evoke feelings of joy and fun. Grab a beer and enjoy!

150 01:46

‘Love in a Bullet Train’ is a powerful and energetic, Electronic Pop track with modern EDM influence and Urban Hip Hop touch. This song is intense, strong, exciting, and sexy, inspiring action and adrenaline.

140 02:50

Fun, upbeat, and carefree electronic pop featuring bright synthesizers, a dreamy electric guitar, and uplifting vocal chops fx. A modern and fresh track with an inspirational and motivational mood.

130 01:49

Perfect for introduction videos, commercial use, drone shots, YouTube and travel videos. This track has a build up to a slightly EDM but not overwhelming instrumental chorus.

120 01:34

A sugary sweet melodically drenched track with notes that tug at your memories and heartstrings.

130 06:05

A heady, energetic and pumping dance track with Middle Eastern vibes and melodies with a few twists that will keep you on your feet.

130 06:59

An anthem loaded track with melodic chords and a driving beat that takes you up into atmospheric heights and chill lows and back up again.

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