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Unique Dance music library with all classic EDM (electronic dance music) styles from old school electro and breakbeat to Drum and Bass, House, Garage and Disco with modern trends including, Neurofunk, Dubstep, UK Bass and Trap.

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87 01:33

A quirky dramedy track featuring modern synthesizers that evokes a silly/sneaky vibe. Ideal as music for a reality show and scenes involving stealthy behaviour etc.

122 01:47

A mysterious synth sci-fi instrumental that evokes mystery and uncertainty. Great as music for a mysterious video game level, sci-fi movie or a scene involving robots/aliens.

102 01:27

A mysterious synth sci-fi instrumental that evokes uncertainty and mystery. Ideal music for a mysterious video game level, sci-fi movie, pixelated cartoon and scenes involving robots or aliens.

160 01:40

A fast, intense instrumental piece featuring drums, synth lead, guitar and synth bass. Ideal uses could include action scenes, intense video game levels or high-speed chase scenes.

140 01:24

A driving video game track featuring sitar, synth, percussion, tabla and drones. Ideal for a video game involving Egypt, the pyramids and the middle east or as music for a scene in the desert.

124 01:33

A modern electronic synth track with an edgy, suspenseful vibe. Great for scenes of extreme tension involving computer hackers, criminals, robots or artificial intelligence.

130 01:30

A mysterious instrumental track featuring modern synths and production. Would work well in scenes involving crime investigations, detectives and secret agents or as music for news specials.

118 03:30

The Spacebar on a Saturday night is where aliens, androids, robots and electronerds come to dance and socialize. Upbeat pulsing space drums under pumping synth bass and topped up with atmospheric melody lines to carry you through the universe.

130 01:49

Perfect for introduction videos, commercial use, drone shots, YouTube and travel videos. This track has a build up to a slightly EDM but not overwhelming instrumental chorus.

145 03:38

A guitar based trap beat that is perfect as a backing track for action sports, video games, or YouTube videos.

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