Irish and Celtic

134 03:49

Beautiful and inspiring acoustic track featuring guitar, violin, vocals, and accordion.

154 02:00

Irish Soul is a folk acoustic track with an Irish vibe. You can feel a cloudy mood supported by the Irish pride. Emotional describes this piece well with bagpipes, guitar, piano and electric guitar.

123 01:57

Celtic Highlights is a northlands Celtic inspired tune. The traditional mood evolves into an acoustic, mandolin-driven pop track.

100 01:14

Folk and calm song composed for acoustic instruments. Some sad and nostalgic, but also calm and relaxed. Composed for piano, harp and accordion. There’s also a string section accompaining. This track fits very well on productions with quiet scenes with melancholic and nostalgic feelings.

120 03:29

Epic and war scene with a good end. Tense situation with some celtic soldiers preparing for the fight. Instrumental orchestral music, with a celtic tune at the end.

118 01:47

Hot rockin’ celtic themed track. Penny whistle, smoking guitars, Irish fiddle and drum kit combine to make this a modern day Irish Jig. Suitable for travel programs, bar scenes with an Irish twist, montage sequences, anything fun and exciting with a Irish feel.

125 02:01

Happy country song, with a village/Irish atmosphere.

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