Country music and Folk music library including Bluegrass, Irish and Celtic styles perfect background music tracks.

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125 02:06

“Reel ‘Em In” is an instrumental country rock track inspired by fishing shows and documentaries. Instruments include electric guitars, bass and drums.

82 01:28

Pickup trucks, dirt roads, corn field sunsets, good ol’ boys and banjos all wrapped up in worn out jeans and t shirts. The vibe of back country America dripping with moonshine, fried chicken and apple pie.

140 02:03

Upbeat, cheerful Christmas original instrumental with a driving acoustic guitar, joyous group vocals and sweet melodic bells

124 02:05

Driving Holiday Christmas track with a jangly acoustic guitar and driving drums, featuring catchy group vocals and sleigh bells

114 02:03

Bright and joyful Christmas track with acoustic guitar and driving drums, featuring upbeat group vocals and sleigh bells.

120 02:30

Instrumental music made for pianos and guitars. The style is corporate and the mood is cheerful and happy. This music starts with guitars and piano playing the main notes of the composition. Then, the entrance of the other acoustic and electric guitars, among the strings and orchestral instruments increases the intensity of positive emotions. This track fits perfect in corporate projects, also for any production with similar optimistic and positive moods such as films, TV series, podcast, YouTube and advertising.

83 02:14

Happy acoustic Farm is an easy going, cheerful and happy acoustic bluegrass country music track. It features lively and carefree banjo lines, stomping drums, sunny and happy guitar lines and feelgood vibes all around. Perfect as a happy music for cute farming games, farm or agriculture videos or anything with a need for joyful music!

101 01:41

A groovy/jazzy solo piano blues track that creates a lively fun atmosphere.

115 02:19

Quirky and earthy americana-infused rock in waltz time. Searching strings add tension while the piano and guitar present the somewhat inquistive melody. Later on, the steel guitar adds some unique flavor.

67 02:25

A jazzy rendition of and old traditional Swedish folk song about love lost and found. Earthy double bass anchors the intimate melody and improvisation on the piano while a string quartet add a bluesy, vintage vibe.

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