80 01:48

Peaceful Christmas song with beautiful melodies and an introspective mood that let your imagination flow to an idyllic Christmas season. This song will evoke feelings of happiness, joy, love and heartwarming. This track performs well for Christmas tv commercials and video ads.

82 01:21

A sporty motivational and moving track full of orchestral instrumentation and rock drums to inspire and lift the crowds off of their seats.

120 00:50

A happy, heady mix of African percussion rhythms with Dancehall and Zydeco music that is lively and sure to lift your spirits.

60 01:19

Solo slide guitar with the Dobro. Very dark, sad haunting slide guitar lines reflecting that old southern Mississippi Delta Blues.

120 01:19

A light and uplifting ukulele version of the Christmas classic.

110 03:26

The song “Middle East Conflict” combines Arab musical instruments (like-violins, woodwinds and strings) with modern Western sounds. Suitable for videos and films about Arab countries or the Middle East.

125 02:01

Happy country song, with a village/Irish atmosphere.

125 02:19

Happy song, with a village/Wild West atmosphere. Played by banjo, flute, violin and more.

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