Emotional, romantic classical music that invokes a sense of drama and passion in medieval, dramatic or romance film and television productions.

69 01:00

This classically-flavored piece for piano and string ensemble has a heartland feeling – sort of a country/classical fusion. The inspiration for it was an ASPCA commercial.

120 01:56

A soft, 3-part music box tune, calm and emotional, but at the same time giving a sense of motion – like a spinning Ballerina.

120 03:17

Instrumental music made for orchestra mainly as a soundtrack in films and TV Series. This piece is very sentimental, melancholic and powerful, and it has also a point of optimism. The composition is leaded by a piano and other lead instruments are violin, cello, flute and string section. Very nice and romantic.

52 01:27

Sentimental moments. Emotional, uplifting cello and moving, tender strings.

100 01:24

Mille Luci – thousand of lights. Magical, dreamy, festive, orchestral fantasy piece with lush strings, piano, celesta and harps.

68 03:25

Take a scenic boat ride down the historically troubled Liffey River, in Dublin. Strings and Woodwinds; slow waltz feel.

64 01:13

This is a short track I composed for a romantic movie scene set in 19th century Victorian England. Exciting and elevating strings bring emotional climax and feelings of mutual love and happiness.

82 01:04

A dramatic, foreboding cinematic music theme with sad strings orchestra, ideal for drama movies and trailers, war scenes or historical documentaries.

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