94 01:30

Suspenseful, cool and mystical Gothic harp creating an ethereal vibe. This piece reflects a Middle Ages atmosphere and creates a hypnotic mood.

100 02:18

Instrumental music made for piano. The style is traditional folk english, inspired by the Greensleeves composition. The mood is sweet and romantic and has strong influences from baroque and early classical music. This music fits very well in elegant and quiet situations.

72 00:52

Mysterious and adventurous music great for middle age content

120 03:42

Music inspired by the Vikings series. In this track, I was driven by the Old Norse myth of afterlife: dead spirits which reborn in one of their descendants. Dirty cellos ostinato, ethnic flutes, war percussion and vocal whispering.

75 02:38

Orchestral slow march full orchestration, film scoring.

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