Classical Electronic

54 02:59

Slow cinematic track made for inspiring, motivational and reflective productions. This hopeful track features real instruments including strings, piano, keyboards, drums and upright bass. A powerful and beautiful piece that will lift any emotional scene.

145 03:26

Aggressive, orchestral-electronic, heavy military sound build up with having in mind battlefield war scenes and overall dark action mood.

100 02:03

A bright, ambitious and spacey sequence of synthesizer designed sounds and some drums performed live and recorded.

145 03:27

Epic collaboration between guitar, synthesizers, percussion, strings and epic horns to bring tension in fight scene with future elements.

120 01:24

With the explosion of Crime dramas appearing in the UK & US, a TV program or advertisement needs something that will enhance an intro sequence. This track with its synths and orchestral palette will appeal to a mass audience whilst also being catchy!

110 01:07

Trailer track with an epic and bellicose mood, powerful horns, drums and string section.

103 02:02

Percussive and hectic with orchestral elements, featuring synths and strings that create a mood ready for heavy combat.

90 02:56

We all have a brand new beginning ahead of us. This track represents that idea. Featuring piano, violin, cello, electronics and percussions.

85 01:33

Epic and enormous track with epic percussion, piano, brass, and synths. The uplifting and inspirational mood will evoke feelings of power and confidence.
We are going to defeat the virus, and we are going to do it TOGETHER!

134 01:42

A dark and ominous instrumental piece featuring piano, synths, swells, drums, percussion, harp and sound effects. Ideal uses could include music for a Halloween scene, tense and spooky scenes or an intense encounter between enemies.

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