130 01:06

Inspired by a common rock progression, this tune speaks to the grownup in the rock’n’roller. It’s comforting and familiar, a happy tune, yet upscale and elegant despite its rock’n’roll roots. It’s a piece for String Quintet, and straddles the New Acoustic genre and Baroque.

130 01:08

This happy baroque track features strings playing pizzicato, written to a familiar rock progression. The style borders on New Acoustic or NuGrass, but without a strong cultural reference. It’s a safe and universal track with an upbeat feeling.

100 01:22

This track is perfect for cinematic productions! It’s a massive score with a huge anthemic chorus, a powerful and memorable piano hook, enormous drums, a whirlwind of strings, brass and horns, colossal sub-bass and various atmospheric elements.

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