Ballroom production music styles including the March, Bossa Nova, Tango, Waltz and Latin flavours.

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100 01:23

A latin jazz ensemble featuring piano, bass, drums and a wide array of percussion. Great used as music for a fiesta, club or party scene and commercials featuring ethnic foods and exotic locations.

100 01:38

Traditional snare and piccolo music for marching. Reminiscent of music from the Civil War and American Revolution, ideal uses could include civil war re-enactment, historical documentaries or scenes involving marching.

124 01:42

A youthful and stylish instrumental track featuring authentic Latin ensemble instruments. Great used as music for a reality TV show, ethnic food commercial or scenes involving the beach and exotic cocktails.

140 03:34

A regal, classical royalty free orchestral waltz music piece, perfect as a background for stylish and elegant scenes in films.

118 01:06

Whats behind the mysterious door in the basement? A world of fantasy awaits.

144 01:58

The children have notice a cat and mouse doing a peculiar dance. What are they doing? The mystery continues.

132 02:26

The Adams family annual ball. The guest list is eclectic. ‘Mortisha’ will dance. All will attend, but some will not return home.

140 01:56

Instrumental music for piano solo. A classical waltz that is contemplative and emotional, with a relaxed rhythm. This music is a perfect background for stylish but quiet scenes in films, podcast, TV series and other projects with similar emotional topics.

140 02:55

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The genre is a Classical Waltz, and the mood is emotional and sentimental, with a nice elegant touch on the piano. The music has plenty of expressiveness, starting with a melancholic feeling but sometimes changing to something more dynamic in several points. Summarizing, this piece is alive!

128 02:00

A Latin inspired music with fun brass stabs, gypsy Spanish guitars and ukulele, trailer hits and percussion, best for comedy movie trailers and tropical advertising.

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