Calm and contemplative spiritual music for reflective or moving scenes in dramatic films and documentaries.

80 03:06

A meditative track that contains a series of synthesizers layered to create a moving pad that supports a light piano melody that is joined by a lyrical soprano saxophone counter-melody. This creates a feeling of calm serenity.

119 03:52

This intense and solemn track uses piano, strings, distorted electric guitar, synthesizer effects, and a melody on saxophone, to create a feeling of desperation and determination to overcome anything.

110 04:02

Instrumental ambient music made with synthesizers, guitars and pianos. Best suited to science and technology topics in advertising, documentaries and commercials.

140 02:10

Catchy and motivational this track has a contemporary gospel music feel. Live musicians along with vocal chants create a groovy and inspirational mood. Features nice saxophone and piano solos.

123 01:40

Ambient, uplifting, positive electronic background. Medium tempo, organic synth arpeggio rhythms with light kick drum intro. Atmospheric piano leads into a gentle celeste melody with a warm synth and subtle percussion.

80 02:20

Gentle ambient inspiring calm background music with peaceful flowing atmosphere and joyful discovery. Piano, music box, celeste, glockenspiel, strings, synths, and drum machine with slow to medium tempo. Soft ambient opening, slowly building from 1:10 -1:30 with synth rhythms and strings growing to a gentle crescendo, solo piano theme ending.

70 08:52

This track is a mystical, atmospheric soundscape. It features large synth pads, a marimba-like melody passage, short flute/synth leads and Latin percussion which enters at 01:49.

67 02:21

Atmospheric, emotional cue with airy pads and a soft piano melody creating calmness and hopefulness.

68 02:11

Minimal hopeful track with ambient pads and drones under a light, warm piano melody.

72 02:18

Emotional track with a light pulsating synth over ambient pads and a soft synth bell melody to create spiritual calmness.

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