Calm and contemplative spiritual music for reflective or moving scenes in dramatic films and documentaries.

140 02:10

Catchy and motivational this track has a contemporary gospel music feel. Live musicians along with vocal chants create a groovy and inspirational mood. Features nice saxophone and piano solos.

70 08:52

This track is a mystical, atmospheric soundscape. It features large synth pads, a marimba-like melody passage, short flute/synth leads and Latin percussion which enters at 01:49.

67 02:21

Atmospheric, emotional cue with airy pads and a soft piano melody creating calmness and hopefulness.

68 02:11

Minimal hopeful track with ambient pads and drones under a light, warm piano melody.

72 02:18

Emotional track with a light pulsating synth over ambient pads and a soft synth bell melody to create spiritual calmness.

77 02:03

Warm track with a soft pulse over ambient pads and organ, featuring a sentimental piano melody.

77 02:10

Light, hopeful track with distant electric guitars over airy pads, giving an ethereal feel of hopefulness.

68 01:50

Earthy and emotional, featuring atmospheric flute, warm piano, and an elegant cello section to create an exotic and sorrowful mood.

120 01:32

Angakkuq is the Inuktitut (Inuit language) name for their mystic shaman.

106 03:35

Inspired by desert scenes in fantasy adventure films…gently dark and erotic with passionate Middle Eastern instrumentation.

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