80 03:09

An evocative cinematic royalty free music with an overall dreamy mood led by a soft felt piano.
Suitable for intense projects and documentaries related to nature, aerials and life.

100 01:41

Summer tropical royalty-free music with chill vibes and modern synthesizers, best for lifestyle, travel, nature and friends related projects.

100 01:27

A unique corporate acoustic track featuring original combinations of acoustic instruments, found sounds, violin and tuned percussions.
The mood is positive, bright and inspiring, ideal for life, nature, outdoors, family and home related projects.

130 02:29

Contemporary cinematic piece with an intimate string quartet, introducing soft bells and a bowed piano on the final sections.
The mood is neutral and reflective, ideal for dialogues, drama, nature, and life projects.

130 02:07

A beautiful summer theme arranged on plucked guitars, grand piano, modern corporate plucks, energetic drums and subtle orchestral elements.
The happy and inspiring mood makes it suitable for positive projects related to lifestyle, business, travel and nature.

120 02:10

Unique corporate track blending authentic folk elements and a female choir into a corporate modern structure.
The mood is sincere and uplifting, elevating your life, nature, business and social related projects.

97 02:23

This powerful cinematic music track features powerful strings, uplifting staccato, piano and harp theme, brass, and epic drums. This track evokes a heroic feel and is ideal for trailers, drone videos, video games and movies.

63 02:25

Magical And Calm Night is an atmospheric, ambient, and passionate documentary track. A perfect fit for inspirational or motivational videos, films, TV, promotions, presentations and corporate videos.

118 02:20

Gentle and bright acoustic track with picked guitars evolves into an atmospheric, deep and heart-warming track. Features bright acoustic guitars, atmospheric electrics, human voices, piano, pads, strings and percussions.

120 02:12

An atmospheric piece inspired by the African wilderness, specifically the Tanzanian Serengeti Desert.

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