85 02:55

This dreamy track uses the sexy sound of the saxophone, along with laid-back drums, twangy electric guitar, and piano chords, mixed with synthesizer arpeggios, to create a seductive mood.

80 02:03

A seductive track played by synthesizers, electric keyboard, drums, double bass, and piano. The feeling is that of being laid-back and spending time relaxing with a loved one.

110 01:08

Contemporary piano-driven music, relaxed and inspirational.

88 05:00

This is a laid-back lo-fi instrumental featuring electronic drums, synth, and various flourishes that elicit a calm, relaxing vibe. This clip could help in film projects, radio bits, cartoons, video games, podcasts, blogs and YouTube videos.

80 02:08

Tender Moments is a soft and calming lullaby soundscape. It was composed with meditation, sleep, massage, reiki, and yoga backgrounds in mind. This instrumental soundscape elicits feelings of compassion and love with its soothing energy.

136 01:04

This is the sound of Scorpio! While most may think of a dark energy, the interpretation here is more mysterious and playful. Featuring synthesizer, bass and slide guitar, this instrumental elicits feelings of relaxation and bliss.

100 02:19

Inspiring and cinematic royalty free music featuring synthesizers and minimal electronic elements blended into organic strings and mallets.
The mood is neutral and reflective, suitable for time-lapse, technology, science, medical and innovation.

100 01:34

Soothing glitch royalty-free music featuring an elegant piano blended with modern rhythmic elements.
The mood is relaxing and inspiring, ideal for meditation, time-lapse, architecture, nature and lifestyle projects.

110 02:17

Flowers By The Sea is an inspiring and soothing background track featuring soft guitar arpeggios, wide ambient pads and delicate felt piano.
The positive and dreamy mood is ideal for nature, outdoors, life and travel-related content.

100 09:48

Chill out like “Cafe del mar” style. Ibiza music vibes. Sunset relaxing and emotive feelings.

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