Royalty free orchestral music for filmmakers, television and media. Typically, an orchestra is a large group of musicians known as an instrumental ensemble. A symphony orchestra can have as many as 120 musicians covering the four main groups – strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. Also piano, harp, harpsichord, celesta and modern instruments like guitars and electronic equipment may be used. A string section will contain violins, viola, cello and double bass. Woodwind covers bassoon, flute, oboe, sax and clarinet. Brass instruments include trumpets, French horn, trombones and tuba at the lower end. The triangle, tambourine, wood blocks and mallet instruments like tubular bells form the percussion section not forgetting the drums including snare drum, bass drum and timpani. There are also instruments that may only appear once in orchestral music like a cymbal crash or a gong. Professional orchestral music played with real instruments by our composers. Some of our composers use virtual studio technology to create their music.

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